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Are you feeling curious but also out of place? Too young? Too old? No IT background? You are EXACTLY who we want!

Here are top 3 reasons why you SHOULD participate:
I am totally new to cybersecurity, can I take part?

YES, anyone who is new to cybersecurity can take part. No prior skills needed. You only need to come armed with curiosity, patience and enthusiasm to learn.

Perks of the events?
How do I start learning?

You can start learning by going through basics of each category given on bi0s wiki. Also, there are many video lectures you can watch explaining basic challenges on Amrita InCTF Junior . You can also practice challenges on bi0s-archive. Additionally, you can google and find many more resources on any individual topic you are interested in. We encourage lots of independent learning!

Team Shakti offers ShaktiLab, a women-exclusive workplace for enabling and fostering college women’s growth in cybersecurity research while they pursue their degree. The ShaktiLab workplace is offered only to members of the teamShakti club at the Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri campus. The ShaktiLab within the Amrita Centre of Cyber Security Systems & Networks is the proud recipient of mentorships from top security researchers at the institution, as well as from the sister-club team bi0s, India’s No.1 ranked CTF team.

What goes on inside teamShakti?

Every member of the teamShakti club is individually mentored by an assigned senior member and an alumni/ cyber-sec. researcher. Members freely connect with other senior mentors, alumni, and researchers who are part of the community at large. Seniors, juniors and even alumni often enter international CTFs throughout the year. Our women-only CTF team, which is now widely seen in action often competing and sometimes working with their counterpart - team bi0s, has quickly emerged to rank 15th in India (2019) ahead of 600+ other teams within just 2 years of establishment. Training programmes, workshops, and talks are regularly held for members, and every member gets access to our library of cyber security resources (co-created with team bi0s), and to a number of premier online platforms to learn and develop their talents.

Testament to the talent of our members, the team gets regular invitations to host workshops, organize training, and give talks at various reputed international events and conferences. Recently, some prestigious brands such as HackLu (Luxembourg), OWASP Seasides and Diana Initiative have invited the team for their expertise.

What we do?
For more details, visit our website at teamshakti.in.